Alexandre Le Clève


Legal expert specialized in foreigners’ rights. Worked for more than a decade with Roma communities. Previous experience at CIMADE and as Director of Hors la Rue (child protection). Among the authors of the Atlas of Migrants in Europe, Critical Geography of Migration Policy, published by Armand Colin. He speaks French and Romanian.

Olivier Peyroux


Sociologist and lecturer at Sciences Po, specialized in migration, human trafficking. Winner of the 2013 Caritas Institute of France prize for Research and Social Sciences, he conducts expert missions for the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the European Council, and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is a judicial expert. Author of multiple works on human trafficking and migration. He speaks French, Romanian, Serbo-Croat, and English.

Fabrice Corbineau

coordinator (Nantes-Angers)

Holds a degree in social work as a specialized educator, and Professional Masters in Project Coordination for local and international solidarity projects. He worked for 6 years in Child Protection Services both in care homes and day centers. Since 2017, he worked on issues in encampments, first as a health mediation project coordinator, then for two years on the stabilization of encampments as regional site manager in Paris. Since 2021, he coordinates the Reference, Mediation, Management Mission in Loire-Atlantique. He speaks French and Romanian.

Lucie Sarrey

Legal Expert

Holds a Master Jurist degree in International Fieldwork from the University of Aix-Marseille-III. For over 15 years, she specialized in questions of migration and the fight against human trafficking, first in various legal protection organizations in France and Asia, before joining the French Office of Protection for Refugees and Stateless People (OFPRA) then the Interdepartmental Unit for Protecting Women Against Violence and for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings (MIPROF). Her professional experience enables her to have a strong understanding of public policy, notably those linked to child protection.

Pierre Bergeron


Holds a degree in project management. He has over a decade of experience with nonprofit and organizations working in a variety of topics abroad and in France. He worked on the topic of unaccompanied minors in Romania and was involved in a project for the stabilization of encampments in the Paris Region of France for four years. He speaks French, Romanian, and English.

Chloé Lallier

Project manager

Holds a degree from the Institute for Political Studies of Lille and a Masters in Humanitarian law/human rights from University of Paris-Saclay (Evry Val d’Essonne). She specialised in access to human rights for vulnerable and marginalized communities. With nearly a decade of experience working in the nonprofit sector, she first worked with people facing deportation on the French-British border, in administrative detention centers and encampments of the reaction. She then worked with Traveler people on discrimination and access to fundamental rights. She speaks French, English, Spanish, and Albanian.

Mirona Ionescu

Project Manager – Encampment Mission (Anger)

Of Romanian origin, she has been living in France since 2008 where she did her graduate studies. After a professional experience of 10 years in business, she wishes to reorient herself professionally in the social and is interested in the social aspects and sociologists of the Roumanian slums in France. Today, Mirona participates in the collection of data on the territory of Angers.

Tom Herard


With a background in social work and as a specialized educator, he worked for 12 years with at-risk communities, mainly coming from Romania, in different approaches (mobile teams, inclusion structures, child protection services…) He then held the role of social worker in law enforcement with young people in situations of crimes and at-risk youth. For the past 10 years, he has worked as a consultant, social work trainer, and professional practices analyst.

François Duchamp

Project Manager

After 10 years of working at UNICEF France, notably as Advocacy Officer, he developed expertise in public policy around child rights, mainly focused on the question of unaccompanied minors and children living in encampments. He moved to social work focused on services for young adults in the final stages of child protection services and has experience teaching high school.

Adeline Cerutti


After her experience in workforce development, she now focuses on social action. Her experience allowed her to gain detailed understanding of the challenges facing vulnerable and at-risk people, especially those living in encampments and squats that she supports as part of various service access actions (day centers, civic services framework, transition spaces she coordinated). For Trajectoires, she coordinates a mission for the reabsorption strategy of encampments in Val de Marne, France.

Laura Todoran

Project Manager – Encampments Mission

Born and educated in Serbia and graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, Laura is bilingual in Serbo-Croatian and Romanian. Established in France since 2005, it has been working in encampments for several years to collect data in the territories where the association is present. In parallel, she pursues artistic activities and restoration of sculptures.

Romana Miclaus

Project Manager - Encampment mission

Holder of a DETISF diploma, she has consolidated her experience in the social field as a special educator. She worked in various child protection associations before occupying the post of special educator at the PJJ STEMO MNA in the Paris court, then at the association Hors la rue. She works in vocational training at IRTS Parmentier. Speaks Romanian.

Julie Jardin

Project manager of mission Trafficking in human beings

A lawyer by training with a specialization in humanitarian law, she worked for ten years in the field of foreign and asylum law, within various structures (NGOs, law firm, UNHCR, OFPRA). She was then in charge of the Human Trafficking Unit of the association Hors la rue, an association for the protection of Parisian children coming to minors in danger, on the themes of forced begging, coercion and sexual exploitation.

Juliette Bobeau

Project Manager

Holds a degree from the Institute of Political Studies of Grenoble, specialized in local public action. She worked for three years in the North of France as part of a Social-Medical Cooperation group supporting unaccompanied minors. Today, her work focuses on the overlapping themes linking child protection services, feminine migration and human trafficking. She speaks French and English.

Laurent Pointier

Public Health Journalist

Holds a double degree in Contemporary History of the Maghreb and in Public Health Policy and strategy, he is a medical journalist today. His expertise in journalism offers a targeted approach for vulnerable communities on a variety of medical-social and medical issues. He is the author of works on the Western Sahara, cancer, family caregivers, and a study on pediatric cancers in Africa, as well as nearly 300 health articles.

Fairouz Idbihi

Psychologist and Consultant

Intercultural clinical psychologist and mental health consultant specialized in migration and child protection, Fairouz works in a variety of contexts linked to supporting mobile people in France and in Morocco. She collaborates with Trajectoires as part of studies and diagnostics on issues of supporting mobile unaccompanied minors.

Séverine Canale

Finance and Communication Manager

After 15 years of experience within the association Hors la rue as head of fundraising, financial management and communication, she has developed expertise in the management and development of the activity of medium-sized associations. Séverine joined the Trajectoires team as part of the development of its national activities with the objective of structuring the operation of the activity.

Nina Kerdoncuff

Mapping intern

Student in master of cartography and geomatics (training «Carthagéo» in Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), she carries out a 5-month internship at Trajectoires for the analysis and visualization of geo-graphic data that are collected by the association and by the DIHAL.